Taylor Made Solutions

Power Conditioning Systems

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Sizes Available

30 – 3,000 kVA

Mains Supply


Latest technology that enables power conditioning of the electricity being supplied by the National Grid. The system is so revolutionary that it amortises the investment made in 2 years. Systems are specifically designed for client needs. We can analyse your needs for FREE! Let us help you make your business more efficient.

Key Advantages
  • Surge & Transient Suppression
  • Releasing kVA Capacity
  • Power Factor Improvement
  • Phase Synthesis
  • Brownout Protection
  • 3 Phase Balancing

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Back-Up Power Solutions


Range of Sizes of Available

30 – 2,500 kVA

Diesel – Open Set / Canopied Gensets


With a strong position in the private energy industry in The Gambia, we have a very established market in the energy solutions market.


We provide brand new Perkins Generator sets at a very competitive price with excellent warranty periods along with highest quality after sales services. We have supplied our gensets to major banks, institutions, organisations and governments.


Catering for the needs of our clients is our priority, therefore we have a fleet of rental gensets available. Ranging from smaller gensets for private and SME use to industrial size gensets for factories etc.. (20 – 1,000 kVA)

Contact us for further information. We can help you with your Back-Up Energy Solutions!

Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar Water Systems Senegambia Project

Available for most applications

Private to Industrial Capacity


Smart investment is key to an efficient and profitable future for your business. We strive in enabling our clients to achieve these goals. We have designed and implement large, industrial scale projects in this sector, with a a system that supports a 400-500 room hotel’s hot water needs directly from the natural energy provided by the solar system.

Key Benefits
  • Reduced OPEX
  • Reduced Carbon Print
  • Long Term Investment
  • Reduced dependancy on the National Grid

Reference Available on Request

Building & Civil Engineering


Ocean Spray Apartments

Atlantic View

Ocean Spray Apartment inside

Designed and Constructed an Apartment Complex with a swimming pool , on the beach front cliffs of the prestigious Atlantic Road.

The complex has 1-2 Bedroom Flats with a total of 16 for a cosy and family orientated living


Marine Work


Marine Works with our custom built work barge, equipped with a 20MT Crane, 5MT Hydraulic Crane, Telescopic Crane, Generator, Compressor and various other tools, enables our team to carry out the marine construction works with relative ease.


We were sub-contracted to undertake the construction of the new ferry terminal at the Banjul wharf, our team ensured the piling of pipes was being conducted at a steady pace with optimum accuracy to ensure the project was meeting the quality standards required.